Preschool Plus

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Preschool Plus is now available for the 2023-2024 School Year!

We will have an everyday (5 days per week) option for families or our traditional four mornings per week.

Choose an option that works best for your family! 

1) Preschool and All Day/Every Day Preschool Plus:

Four mornings per week (M, T, Th, F) will be funded through the free State-Wide Voluntary Preschool Program (SWVPP) at NO cost to our families.  Daily afternoon care/instruction with a licensed Early Childhood Educator at an additional cost ($70/wk).  All day Wednesday provided as part of our Preschool Plus option.

2) Regular Four Day a Week Preschool (Mornings Only):
Funded through the free State-Wide Voluntary Preschool Program (SWVPP) with NO cost to our families.  Students attend four mornings per week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Students who are entering Preschool must have the following requirements prior to admittance:

● Must be 4 years of age on or before September 15th
● Must provide documentation of current immunizations and physical exam
● Provide information concerning emergency procedures for the child, specifically who is allowed to pick up the child

Click this link to register your child now.

Why Preschool Plus?

  • Low student to teacher ratio: 10:1 in the 4-year-old room.
  • Licensed Early Childhood teacher.
  • Preschool participates in specials including Music, PE and library 2 times a week.
  • They get to spend the day with the same trusted teacher in the same caring and nurturing environment.
  • It provides a rich learning environment that encourages children’s natural curiosity and supports them to take risks that lead to new skill development.
  • It gives the students an extended learning opportunity which allows them the time they need to further develop their kindergarten readiness skills.
  • We can spend additional time on project-based learning where we continue to work on projects the students are interested in.
  • Allows us more time to interact with our 3rd grade reading buddies.
    More time to interact with peers and continue to work on their social skills.
  • More time for parent involvement.
  • Parents are always welcome to come in and share their talents with the class.
  • Access to nutritious school meals.

teacher with students

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