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September 25th- 29th  
Hello All!  

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.  I just wanted to check in with a couple updates.  Remember your child does not have school tomorrow!  We have been so busy that this first month of school flew by! You child will get a bunch of papers back on Tuesday.  I have them I just need to get them back out!  (JMC will be current Tuesday as well) 

Check with your child about their A.R. progress.  I meet with each student once a week and record their points, percentage correct, and the number of quizzes they have taken in their assignment notebooks.  I will also get new reading logs out Tuesday.  They are the same as the ones they used last year.  I would like the students to write a short summary after they read each night.  

Band and Orchestra is up and running.  The kids seem to be having a blast with it!  This week BAND will be going to the middle school on Tuesday.  ORCHESTRA will go to the middle school Wednesday and Friday and have lessons on Friday too. 

I have a class on Thursday in Fort Dodge.  

I will be shipping out our boxes to Texas this week!  Thank you for your help!  If you would like to still help cover the cost of shipping I would appreciate it.  I placed a book order on Friday, but if you still want to place an order you can do so anytime online.  My code is MFH8V.  I can also place an order if you send it to school Tuesday.  We will be collecting cans of food to donate to Impact until Thursday!

Thank you for all your support!  Enjoy your evening and I hope your kiddos enjoy their day off tomorrow!  

Bailey Van Vors :)    
Posted by bvanvors On 24 September, 2017 at 7:58 PM  9 Comments

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